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Our Mission


Badger State Firearms is a proud supporter of the Constitutions 2nd Amendment. Our primary focus is continuing education and training for the civilian market. As citizens of this great country we have the unalienable right to own firearms, but in today's society and the civil unrest we see on a regularly increasing basis, it is more important than ever to promote continuing education and training including knowledge on laws and home defense fundamentals. Through 2020 and 2021, we saw an increasing and record breaking number of firearm purchases by new gun owners and it is imperative that we work together to avoid the "anti gunners" from attacking our rights and education is the best way to ensure this "right to bear arms" is protected. More importantly, it is imperative that we are smart about the laws of self-defense and the protection of our families. Badger State Firearms is your partner in education and training to keep you and your family safe, not only from criminals but from civil penalties as well. Carrying a firearm will make you hard to kill, but safe training and education is needed to make you hard to convict. SAFETY is paramount in owning, carrying and the proper storage of your weapons. Join Us !!!!

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